Short Stay

Short stay parking at Stansted Airport is run by BAA, the airport operator. The official airport short stay car park is advised for those planning on staying for a couple of hours. If you require a shorter stay there is also a 15 minute pick up area which charges £2 for stays of up to 15 minutes. However, be warned prices escalate drastically after this period and if you are unsure how long you will be staying at the airport it is advised you use the main short stay area.

For business customers, or those generally in a rush ,there is a fast track parking customers. Fast Track parking spaces are located immediately outside the terminal building. However, you must pay a premium for these services and they are recommended for stays of over 24 hours.

The short stay car parks operate on a ticketed system which must be paid on departure from the airport. All lost tickets will be charged at the rate for the 24-hour period.

Name Prices 15 mins (£)Prices 30 mins (£)Prices 1 hour (£)Prices 3 hours (£)Prices 6 hours (£)Prices 24 hours (£)
Official Airport Short Stay2.502.504.5010.5015.5029.50
Fast Track Parking222222223242
Pick Up Area2.001230707070
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